The Save a Stray 5K & Festival

SPECIAL EVENT: New York Times best-selling author Peter Zheutlin


One man, 30,000 dogs, and one million miles.

One man, 30,000 dogs, and one million miles.

Join Author Peter Zheutlin on Friday at 7:30 p.m. in L.L.Bean’s Camping Atrium for a discussion of his experience following the work of animal rescuer Greg Mahle, as he saves thousands and thousands of lives, driving one million miles across the United States to do it. In Rescue Road, Zheutlin describes Mahle’s incredible mission of saving lives. He has saved 30,000 dogs from uncertain fates in the “high-kill” regions of the South.

Zheutlin will be joined by Greg Mahle for what promises to be a captivating joint presentation.





“The exhaustive gathering process and continuous care of the dogs and the tender, unavoidable human-animal bonding experience that transpired ground the book with heart and immense compassion. Written with straightforward clarity, much of the book’s spirit is generated from chronicling Mahle’s honorable and humanitarian work with severely at-risk animals and the emotional investment of the [rescue] movement’s many contributors. An unabashedly sentimental and affecting portrait of a modern-day animal-loving hero.”

– Kirkus Reviews