The Save a Stray 5K & Festival

Tips for Fundraising

When you registered, you got your own fundraising page where your friends and family can support your fundraising effort by making a donation quickly, easily and securely!  If you haven’t done so yet, now is the time to personalize it with your own story, and share it with your email contacts and your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Make it fun for your supporters by offering them something special for contributing, and don’t be afraid to get creative!  Did a friend donate $50? Send them a postcard thanking them for making a difference in the lives of shelter animals. Did a family member make a $100 contribution? Make them a plate of your signature oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

DID YOU KNOW… A gift of $100 will spay/neuter four cats at Coastal Humane?  A $50 gift will vaccinate two dogs? And $25 will feed ten cats for two weeks? Every bit helps when it comes to caring for shelter pets.

Your registration will help our animals, and we hope you’ll raise even more money for our dogs, cats, and small animals. Every single donation brings them one step closer to finding their forever home!